Soft Fruit

Welcome to the soft fruit site. Here you can find out about everything to do with soft fruit plants, growing soft fruit, harvesting soft fruit, preserving and cooking soft fruit.  We have recommendations on type of soft fruit to grow, and how to prune and train soft fruit. Soft fruit diseases are here, how to prevent them and how to cures them. There are recipes for soft fruit sundaes, ice cream, and even savoury dishes made with soft fruit.

We just try to do “what it says onthe tin”. If you are a soft fruit grower, commercial or amateur, if you eat soft fruit, raw or cooked, if you make your own soft fruit cosmetics, whatever…. bookmark us, let us know what you think, sent us your soft fruit tips, tricks and stories. And if you want to shop, we sell nothing this is just a place for advice. But for what it is worth we buy our soft fruit from

We hope you enjoy.