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Eton Mess

1lb (450gm) – Ripe Strawberries
10 fl oz 330ml Proper Double Cream
6 – Meringue nests (Waitrose do the best ones)
75 ml (2½ fl oz) – Kirsch 

Top and chop strawberries, (you can keep a few for decorations if you want)
Mix with the kirsch in a bowl, cover with clingfilm and chill for a few hours.
Whip the double cream until it reaches the soft peak stage, and fold in the strawberries and syrup from the bowl
Crush the meringues and fold those in as well

Put it into wine glasses and decorate with strawberries, raspberries andor mint if your posh, or just eat it out of the bowl with the largest spoon that fits into your mouth if you are either:

not posh, or


Oh, yes, in case there was any doubt – serve immediately